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          —   Products List   —


          Location:Home - R&D

          We are a hi-tech manufacturer of fine chemicals, and have a highly-innovative R & D team.
          We are mainly engaged in:
          ◎ R & D and manufacture of sodium borohydride and sodium borohydride
          ◎ R & D of pyridines series products.


          Zhejiang rongkai technology development co. ltd
          General manager: zhang yunwen
          Contact person: lu weizhongTel: 86 0578-8185278Phone:86 13905786738
          Contact person: lu guangPhone:86 13905786732
          Service hotline:86 0578-8185166Fax:86 0578-8529050
          Web:www.tajjonlyfans.comE-mail: sales@rongkaichem.com>
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